Manly – Hands Across The Sand

Central Coast! How moving was the Hands across the Sand at Umina yesterday? Moved to tears to see you all there. What a wonderful show of community! And so many travelled from Northern Beaches, from Newcastle, all united at Umina to Save Our Beautiful coast. Thank you so much for being there. (And now there’s a Manly event, initiated by Surfrider! Read on for more details!)

See Hands Across the Sand – Umina: 2 min video here

We all showed up to show how much our coast means to us, how important our connection to the coast is, how we strongly oppose any plans for seismic blasting and offshore oil and gas off our home, our coast. We stood side by side holding hands together in symbolic gesture to Save Our Coast that we all love. And for those of you who couldn’t make it, thanks for helping to raise awareness by sharing the event, handing our fliers, putting up posters, or sharing the story. We could not have done this without your help, so thank you!

See a 6 minute video here – can you see yourself in the crowd?!

see a Chorus of voices to Save Our Coast!

As 1000 square km of seismic blasting is being planned for our coast to locate the best drilling targets for a gas field, and less than 2 weeks to the federal election, NOW is the time to speak up.

For 14 months we have conducted thousands of hours of community outreach to raise awareness to stop seismic testing, had thousands of conversations, 43,000 signatories on petitions, and held 12 major events in Newcastle, (and many other meetings, film screenings) and this was our first big event at The Central Coast. We met at Umina, halfway along PEP 11, to maximise our show of opposition! And didn’t you all show that?!

We also chose Umina as it is a marginal electorate, and therefore more opportunity for making an impact in the upcoming federal election. The huge turnout from you all will send a clear message to candidates and incumbents: it clearly shows our strong opposition to the federal government’s flawed plans to blast for oil or gas off our coast. Also, oil and gas company shareholders will be discouraged from investing their money to exploit our coast when our huge opposition becomes obvious. We will continue to show them that we will fight their plans for blasting and drilling off our coast every step of the way.

As we celebrate Umina, on to Manly! Another Hands Across the Sand this Saturday at Manly, initiated by Surfrider! We are delighted to be invited to co-host with our friends and allies at Surfrider and Living Ocean!

Please join Surfrider, Living Ocean and Save Our Coast at Manly beach 3pm Saturday 11th May. Let’s unite again at another marginal electorate, (Warringah) to show those decision makers what we think of their plans to blast for oil or gas off our coast. It will be just 1 week before the federal election – it will be our last show of community force to influence decision makers before the polling booth. Will you be there for another moving show of community spirit at Manly to Save our Coast?


Rsvp and share: Hands Across the Sand MANLY Saturday 11th May, 3pm

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