Save Our Coast Statement Of Support For The Voice To Parliament

On October 14th we will have the opportunity to participate in The Voice to Parliament, to have long overdue recognition of the First People of Australia enshrined in our constitution.

Save our Coast has been proud and humbled to have Traditional Custodians’ First Nations’ voices at the forefront of our campaign, from the very start of this campaign 5 years ago, from our respected Aboriginal elders and community. We humbly acknowledge the land we live, learn and advocate on is unceded Awabakal, Worrimi, Darkinjung and Guringai land. We extend this acknowledgement to all First Nation people of Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, whose sovereignty was never ceded, and acknowledge the ongoing trauma of dispossession that continues to this day. 
As always, we stand in solidarity with, and in support of, our Elders, friends, team mates, colleagues and neighbours, brothers and sisters, Aunties and Uncles, and grandparents of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background, and for the 65,000 year unique history of connection to and caring for Country that is deserving of undue respect. For this reason, Save Our Coast supports voting YES
Injustices against First Nations people, including brutal dispossession of land,  and desecration of culture and sacred environmental sites, have caused irreparable and continuing transgenerational trauma. Voting YES is a vote for justice, for respect, for long overdue acknowledgement of the First Nations people

“The earth is our mother, Mimaga Waja. The land, the rivers, the waterways. We are connected. We are one.”

“Stop, sit and be still, and listen to the Indigenous people of the world. We have a responsibility to make sure our children have a footpath and a foundation to walk and live with now and into the future.”- Aboriginal Elder The Late William (Bill) Smith (Wirrigan), As recorded at Save Our Coast HeadQuarters, on Awabakal/Worrimi land, April 2018.

Voting YES is simply a start, a step in the right direction towards a fairer, more equitable and more respectful future.

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