Presentation of Petitions

Our 56,000-strong Petition Goes To Parliament!

For two years our petition to Stop Seismic Testing and Drilling off Newcastle, The Central Coast and The Northern Beaches has been amassing a huge amount of support and it’s time to have our voices heard in Federal Parliament.

With the welcome news of the cancellation of seismic testing off our coast, note that our petition asks for a ban on further seismic testing, and also an end to drilling and offshore exploration & activity for oil and gas in NSW. Our petition hopes to help implement legislation to secure the safety of our coast and marine animals from the dangers of seismic testing permanently, and prevent devastation of our coastal ecosystem and our climate from offshore oil and gas activity.

We are delighted that Independent MP Zali Steggall has agreed to present our petitions to Federal Parliament.

On 4 February, the first parliamentary sitting day of 2020, we will be travelling to Canberra to symbolically present the petitions to her in front of Parliament House at 11am, before Parliament commences, (and before the commencement of the People’s Assembly at 12.)

Please help add more voices to the 56,000 signatories. If you have not yet signed out petition please visit

And please join us in travelling to Canberra for Feb 4th to hand over our petitions in front of Federal Parliament (before the People’s Assembly Rally at 12 noon) .

Tuesday 4th February 2020
Meet at 10.30am for 11am presentation of petition
Federal Mall Lawns
Parliament House, Canberra

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